Office Policies

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notification must be given at least 24 hours before your appointment (call and leave a message at 303.799.4110 or email Cancellations for Monday appointments must be received by noon on the preceding Friday. 

Appointments made and not kept are fully billed to you regardless of the reason for the cancellation. No further appointments or medication refills are given until such billing is fully paid. Your insurance will not reimburse for any portion of missed appointments. 

The cancellation fee is the full amount for the appointment you have scheduled. 

If you are ill and cannot make it to your in-person appointment we will offer a Telehealth appointment.

Email, phone calls, and text messages

E-mail is utilized to assist in administrative functions, (i.e. scheduling appointments, pharmacy changes, and billing). Dr. Krafchick will address clinical questions at appointments. Messages received on weekends are returned on the following Monday, unless there is a more immediate situation, in which case Dr. Krafchick will return the call as soon as possible. Outside of the automated text appointment reminders from our reminder program, Dr. Krafchick does not utilize text messaging in her practice in any circumstance.    

Refill requests

If you are calling about a prescription refill, please speak to your pharmacist first as often there are prescriptions waiting to be filled at your pharmacy but unrecognized by the automated system. If you are out of refills and it has been 3 months since your last appointment then you are due for an appointment.


Patient requests for letters require an appointment in order to discuss and review. 

Dr. Krafchick does not provide letters for emotional support animals.  

Appointment follow-up protocol

Patients who are stabilized on their current medication must be seen at least once every 3 months for medication follow-up.